Gone Glamping

When summer comes, many Canadians are inspired to leave the city and get reacquainted with nature. For the majority of us, this probably means a trip to the cottage but those looking for a more rustic and “authentic” experience go camping.

Outdoor canopied bed allows you to enjoy nature and a comfortable sleep(Photo: Luxury Vacation Source)

I must admit, I love the idea of camping more than the actual practice. I’m happy to be out in the woods and I relish the opportunity to take a break from television and the internet but I miss my comfy bed and real toilets.

Glamping Tent at Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole Campgrounds(Photo: Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole Campground)

Thankfully, enterprising individuals have discovered that many people feel this way and created what is known as glamourous camping, frequently referred to as “glamping.” Sites like Go Glamping and Glamping Girl advertise resorts around the world that boast lavishly appointed tents and campers in which you can spend your nature vacation.

SUJAN Luxury HotelsSujan Luxury Hotels outdoor dining experience(Photos: SUJÁN Luxury Hotels)

If you enjoy the idea of luxurious living in the great outdoors but want to avoid communing with strangers, there are many options for a personal glamping experience.

The Bubble Tent(Photo: Daily Mail)

Putting the mod in mod cons is the Bubble Tent. The sphere is air-conditioned and large enough to fit a king size bed or any other furniture you might require in the wilderness. The front door locks to protect your belongings but you will have to pick a private campsite to avoid prying eyes, as I’m sure anyone who came across this would want to peek inside the see-through walls!

The Opera Camping Vehicle(Photo: Been Seen)

The Dutch company YSIN developed the Opera in 2006 as an affordable option for campers interested in comfort. It looks like a typical trailer until it is unfolded and the graceful canvas roof is revealed. If you haven’t already guessed, this model’s name is taken from the Sydney Opera House which inspired its design.

The Opera, an inside look(Photo: Been Seen)

While small, this unit is completely tricked out with all the necessary amenities. There is a bed that can be set up as two singles or a double. The small kitchen has a refrigerator and sink (there is also an outdoor grill and prep station included). The bathroom features a toilet and a sink with a handle that pulls out to provide an outdoor shower. While not as luxurious as some of the glamping resorts, the manufacturers of the Opera have included upgraded finishes including teak flooring. I think I could be quite comfortable in this!

Dining room at the Clayoquot WIlderness Resort(Photo: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort)

The next time I head out into the wild, I’m not going to be roughing it- I’m going glamping!

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