Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

I admit, I agree wholeheartedly with Mandy’s sentiments about Valentine’s Day mentioned on our blog last week. I for one have always hated the ads that start up in January, urging us to express our love by purchasing hugging teddy bears, heart-shaped cubic zirconia pendants, and over-priced bouquets of red roses. At the same time, I like the idea of a day devoted to showing my family and friends how much they mean to me, even if deep down I know this should be part of my regular routine and not reserved for some random day in February.

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Sometimes, I think the smallest gestures make the biggest impact. I can imagine filling these bags, the template for which is available on The Sweetest Occasion, with a batch of rich and gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies for an unexpected take on the traditional Valentine’s Day chocolate.

(Photo: The Sweetest Occasion)

If homemade isn’t your thing, pick up some macarons, the airy French meringue cookies that have popped up in hip bakeries across the country. I think Rocq’s heart-shaped versions are especially apropos this time of year and who could resist such decadent flavours as peach mango and red velvet bourbon vanilla?

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Feeling nostalgic for Sweethearts, the childhood candy associated with this holiday? Save the empty calories and pick up a set of these stamps which would be perfect for making a homemade card or wrapping paper.

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Whether you make or buy a card, take the time to include a personal note. This is the occassion to overcome your shyness and pour your heart out to the one you love. Having trouble crafting the perfect poem? There’s an app for that. The iWrite: Love Poems app provides writing instructions to help you express your feelings. There is even an erotic poem app for those looking to spice up their love life this Valentine’s Day!

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The one thing to remember is that no holiday should be stressful. So ignore the commercials and do something personal for your loved one this year. I promise you that he or she will appreciate it more than any teddy bear. And don’t despair if you are single on Valentine’s Day- use it as an opportunity to remind your friends and family how special they are to you with a little gesture, even if it is as simple as a hot chocolate and a hug.

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