Greentea Design On The Steven And Chris Show

What a way to kick off the New Year!  We are so excited to announce that Greentea Design will be featured on the popular lifestyle and design series The Steven and Chris Show!

7 Foot Red Asymmetrical Shelf

Today’s episode features Greentea pieces, like the Red Asymmetrical Shelf pictured, styled following Feng Shui principles that are believed to augment the good energy of your home. Red itself is auspicious, symbolizing happiness, and is a good colour to use for attracting fortune.

Greentea Design's Feng Shui Compass

Learn more as the talented Laura Morris shows you how to follow some simple guidelines.  The New Year is the perfect time to give our homes a facelift by simply shifting our current pieces, and if good fortune follows – what a great bonus!

Style and design gurus Steven and Chris have been making design accessible to a huge audience for twenty years now hosting several design shows to international acclaim, airing in over 80 countries.   Additionally they’ve published their book Designer Guys: Finding Your Personal Style and now have their own home décor line.  Their current popular series, syndicated across Canada and the US is a lifestyle show focusing on everything from interior design to entertaining and cooking.

Tune in today at 2pm on CBC in Canada and we will be sure to include video highlights soon!

Big Happy New Year to all from everyone here at Greentea Design and The Design Tree!  We hope 2012 will be truly magical for you.

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