Halloween Decorations: Trick or Treat, Scary or Sweet

Halloween is, hands down, my favourite holiday. I tend to go all-out with my costumes but have usually limited my decorations to a hand-carved jack o’ lantern.

Image: Louisville Halloween via Facebook

Let’s face it, Halloween decorations can end up looking tacky pretty darn quick. I think the trick is to either commit fully to the scare factor or keep it restrained. Here are some excellent examples of the “scary” and the “sweet” Halloween aesthetic.

The Scary Yard:

Image: DeadSpider

The ubiquitous graveyard scene pales in comparison to this papier-mâché masterpiece put together by DeadSpider. The eerie lighting and smoke machine makes it really spooooky!

Image: DeadSpider

The Sweet Yard:

When you don’t want to scare away the trick-or-treaters, adopt a more restrained approach. If the frost has killed the flowers in your urns, why not fill them with pumpkins? Small shrubs with little orange fairy lights would also be a good choice.

Image: Good Housekeeping

The Scary Front Door:

Maybe you don’t want to commit the time, money, and resources to decorating your whole lawn. Or perhaps, like me, you don’t have yard. But your front door can serve as an excellent canvas for Halloween decorations. However, I have never seen a store-bought one that didn’t look pretty pathetic.

Image: The Art of Doing Stuff

The Art of Doing Stuff offers an easy tutorial to make a ghoulishly groovy wreath with just a few craft- and dollar-store supplies.

The Sweet Front Door:

For many Halloween is all about the candy; I am one of them. Except for stuff like candy corn. The only redeeming feature of this tasteless treat is its eye-catching colours. I Dream of Chairs has step-by-step instructions for making this fetching fall wreath.

Image: I Dream of Chairs

Scary Halloween Party:

Image: Sweet Paul via Cally Creates

Set the mood for your party with creepy invites, like the highly creative ones made by Brooklyn Limestone for their asylum-themed party. This blog is worth some in-depth reading for ideas on how to do Halloween parties right!

Images: Brooklyn Limestone

Halloween is not the time for crepe paper decorations. Turn to your darker side and embrace moody lighting, ominous sounds, lacy cobwebs, and creepy-crawly creatures poking out from dark corners.

Image: The Brass Paperclip Project

Think outside the living room and plan some unexpected surprises in other rooms your guests will visit!

Image: Simple Beauty on Squidoo

To keep the chills coming, make sure to serve up drinks and snacks worthy of your monstrous guests.

Image: Olla-Podrida

Cute Foods for Kids has compiled a list of some of the most disgusting (but tasty) recipes on the Internet, which might even make the undead a little queasy.

Image: Lovelyish

Sweet Halloween Party:

If your party includes small children or the squeamish, you might want to dial back on the scare-factor.

Image: Crafty in Crosby

Make your own invitations using Halloween-themed graphics and a Victorian-styled font or scan vintage cards onto heavy stock.

Image: Orsa Maggiore Vintage

Retro decorations (either real or reproductions) are more cool than creepy. Etsy and eBay are good places to start looking for vintage-styled decorations.

Image: The House of Smiths

Provide a buffet of candy or other treats using an assemblage of household items. The House of Smiths put together this chic minimalist display without having to buy many extras; it evokes the spirit of Halloween without going overboard.

What is your Halloween decorating style? Scary or sweet?

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