Happening this Weekend: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition via blogTO

If you’re in Toronto this weekend the annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is taking place from July 8 – July 10th at Nathan Philips Square.  The TOAE is a juried show that features the work of artists from all across Canada, and this year it’s celebrating it’s fiftieth anniversary.  One of the best things about attending these sorts of shows is that you actually get to talk to the artists and see the work up close.There is always so much art to see it can be overwhelming, so you might even want to make two days out of it.

Want to see a few of the amazing artists that will be participating at this year’s show? Here are just a few of the booths I will definitely be popping into.

Julia Hepburn

Julia  Hepburn’s miniature sculptures never cease to blow my mind every time I see them. There is so much detailed work and story in every one of her pieces. If I was going to pick one must-see artist at the show she would be it.

Maude Blais

Maude Blais is a ceramics artist from Quebec. I just love the layers and colours in her deceptively simple creations, and I am drawn to the overwhelming sense of nature and fragility in this work particularly.

Dorion Scott

Dorion Scott fuses technical brilliance with darkly beautiful imagery to create truely remarkable art.  I always look forward to seeing her work in person, as the true power of her paintings becomes almost overwhelming when you’re standing before them.

Janice Tayler

Janice Tayler’s impressionist work captures the beauty of landscape, and for me seem to suggest a sense of stained glass; her crystalline shapes and delicate use of colour allow the artist’s hand to be seen in the work, without interfering with the natural scenes depicted.

Jay Dart

Jay Dart is one of my favourite Canadian illustrators. The inspiration for his drawings often comes from Canadiana, history and men with beards. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the show this year!

Paul Robert Turner

I have a real sweet spot for portraiture and Paul Robert Turner’s are full of life and quiet energy. This record shop painting is my favourite from his portfolio but given the strength of his work, he doesn’t make it easy to choose.

Sarah Caracristi

I love art that shows me the world from a new perspective, and Sarah Caracristi does just that, using a birds-eye view to portray passersby, cyclists and commuters as they jostle, mingle and meander through abstracted urban environments. You can see more of her fantastic work on her website.

My husband, Eric Cator is also showing there this weekend, so I imagine I will be visiting him (and delivering snacks) throughout the weekend. Hope to see you there!

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