Happy Black Day

Photo credit AspectVisuel via AsianOffbeat.com

We all know about Valentine’s Day, love it or hate it, come February try to escape the ubiquitous drug store candy.

Our neighbours to the east celebrate just a bit differently:  February 14th sees the celebration of couples for sure, but its women who gift tokens of affection to those that make their  hearts skip a beat. On March 14th, known as White Day, the tables turn and it’s the men who celebrate their loves.

Image credit Park Shin Hye

But in Korea it doesn’t stop there.  April 14th, today, is Black Day, a day for singles. Donning dark clothes those less lucky in love congregate in local restaurants over bowls of noodles covered in black bean paste called jajangmyeon for some lively commiseration.  It’s a mainly fun affair and a signal that youth are shedding traditional views on the importance of early marriage (and shame over singlehood).  On the other hand, a friend reports that it’s been a total boon for the dating services industry.  Ahh well…

But today, if you’re single, here’s to your fabulous self!  Consider celebrating you, with or without the noodles!

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