How to Live Big in a Small Space

Gary Chang in his tiny apartment

The wall of CD’s hides a wealth of other “room settings”

If you haven’t seen the video post on Treehugger about architect Gary Chang’s amazing 344 square foot (32 square metres) Hong Kong apartment, you really must. Gary grew up in the apartment he still inhabits, though then he shared it with his parents, sisters and a tenant. Space is tight in Hong Kong – it may just be life’s most precious commodity – and Gary has created what he calls his “Domestic Transformer”, an apartment with 24 different combinations. Just imagine a 344 square foot space with a guest room, media room, and soaker tub. In case your imagination isn’t reaching, check out the full Treehugger post here – it’s astonishing.

Gary Chang has renovated this space 5 times over the years and has published a book on this experience entitled My 32m2 Apartment, a 30 Year Transformation. Perhaps a good gift for the design crazy/eco nut/space challenged on your list?

See below for some amazing photos of this unique space.

kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room…depending on which wall you slide.

The moving walls, combined with the abundant use of glass, mirror, metal, and 3 floor to ceiling tinted windows, give his apartment a bright and spacious feel. There’s even a hammock in his screening room.

Perhaps the hammock was added for relaxation after all the wall-moving exercise.

all photos: Marcel Lam for The New York Times

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