I Heart You

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. (Or TOMORROW!!!! Depending on your persuasion. ) I like the idea of fêting those you care about, though I don’t buy into commodified romance.  That feels kinda oxymoronic to me.  But I fully appreciate I am in the minority here.  And we did spend part of the weekend making Valentine’s cards and cookies to distribute, so it’s quite possible I’m full of it.

While it might be a little late to get these gifts for tomorrow, I did find some pretty cool heart-shaped things during this week’s internet wander.  Maybe surprise your love another day of the year with one of these sweet finds?

Paul Octavious' Book Sculpture entitled Whole HeartPaul Octavious’ book sculpture entitled 51 Love Stories – Whole Heart.
Image via just a few prints

I love this print by Paul Octavious called 51 Love Stories – Whole Heart.  Paul is a photographer and designer who creates totally charming book sculptures.   You can order prints directly from his site.  This one would be perfect for those of you in long distance relationships!  Swoon….

Paul Octavious' Comeplete My Heart Book Sculpture

image via just a few prints

This darling automata entitled the Heart Machine is by Martin Smith.  Doesn’t this look like Amelie should gift this to her beau?  It’s full of whimsy, with a touch of steampunk magic.

The Heart Machine by Martin Smithimage via laikingland

Here’s a little video of the Heart Machine pitter-pattering away.

Mini anatomical heart in a jar necklaceimage via kivaford on Etsy

Over on Etsy, I saw this Anatomical Heart In a Jar Necklace.  This one isn’t for the quaint of heart, but it’s original and oddly beautiful.  It reminds of the Oliver Jeffer’s book Heart and the Bottle, which would also make a beautiful gift to that special someone who finally freed your heart to love in daring and extraordinary ways.

Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffersavailable on Amazon

There are nerds in everyone’s life who’d appreciate these Star Wars love cards in Aurebesh I think.

The Wallaroo Geek Greeting Cardsvia the Wallaroo on Etsy

And last but not least, by Canadian glassworks company Tsunami Designs, has this Ventricle Vase available by custom order.  Designed by Eva Milinkovic it references “the organic beauty of the human heart”.

Tsunami Glassworks Ventricle Vaseimage via Tsunami Glassworks

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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