Ikebana for Mother’s Day

Ikebana arrangement by Katsuko ThielkeKatsuko Thielke via ikebana.org

Flowers are a staple of Mother’s Day, but before you stop by the florist for a bouquet consider giving her a true work of floral art with an ikebana arrangement. For those who don’t know, ikebana is a specific type of Japanese floral arranging that aims to bring humanity and nature together. Ikebana is an art form that is exceptionally powerful because of its impermanence.

Ikebana arrangement via Nori Nodaimage via Nori Noda

Biku Designs Ikebana arrangementimage via biku designs

Another idea would be to get together with mom so you can both try your hand at Ikebana inspired floral arrangements. Gather the materials beforehand, purchase some wonderful teas and spend the afternoon centreing yourselves while creating flower arrangements.

Ikebana arrangement via Coated Arms

image via coated arms

It takes years to learn and master the art of ikebana but here are a few of the basic principles and materials you will need to get started.

A few popular styles of ikebana are:

Rikka- meaning standing flowers.

Nagiere- a non structured design the often features a tight bundle of stems and an asymmetrical triangular shape.

Seika- where three main branches represent ‘ten’ heaven, ‘chi’ earth and ‘jin’ human.

Jiyuka- a free form design that often utilizes materials other than flowers.

This website gives a good overview of the various styles with pictorial examples.

Japanese Flower Vase for Ikebana ArrangementsJapanese Flower Vase from Doug Smith Pottery


Container- the container you choose should be cohesive with the type of arrangement you’re trying to create. Don’t be afraid to use an unconventional object as a vase.

Kenzan- also know as a ‘floral frog’, is a small disk with pins protruding from it that sits at the bottom of your container. It will hold the stems or branches in place which will help you achieve your desired shape for the arrangement.

Flowers, Grasses, Vines and Branches- Really any kind of plant life can be used, but some popular choices are orchids, long grasses, cherry blossoms and branches of Japanese Maple.

Small Garden Shears- a pair of small pointed garden shears will be helpful for trimming and cutting plants.

Ikebana arrangement by Junkoikebana by junko

When you’re finished creating your masterpieces mom and you can exchange them so you each have a memento of the day.

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

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3 Responses to Ikebana for Mother’s Day

  1. My Dears,stop making me crazy.I’m unable to do anything else but looking through these marvelous pictures. Thank you, it is the only occupation giving so much peace…
    Thank you so much.

  2. Zoha Malik says:

    I luv ikebana but im sad that i still culdnt find out that what should be used to make its base strong that it culd hold the weight of long stems except that porus foam which is generally used for floral arrangments……..can u plz help me find it out

  3. Mandy F says:

    Hello Zoha,
    A kenzan is typically used for holding the flowers upright and in place. This page has some good info and you can buy kenzan from their store.

    Hope that helps!

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