Independence Day

Image from Elle Decor

There are few things that compare to the excitement and exhilaration of moving in to your first apartment, the one that you hunted for and signed the lease for yourself. It represents a coming of age — adulthood, self-sufficiency, responsibility, and, yes — independence. In fact, this milestone of moving into your own space marks your very own personal independence day.

I felt this way about my first apartment, which I shared with a couple of college friends. It may have been tiny and bare, but it was our own. We embraced the challenge of furnishing and putting the stamp of our individuality on it, as well as cleaning it and making the rent. We didn’t have unlimited resources with which to decorate it, but we relished the experience and treated it as an adventure.

I do, however, wish we did a better job of it. Maybe it was because there were way fewer design blogs to draw inspiration from.  Or maybe we just didn’t commit to it. We were quite happy as long as we could sleep in it and invite friends over to hang out.

So here is a rundown of images and websites that I came across recently that would have helped and inspired me and my roommates.

Image from Freshome..

Check out this awesome image above from Freshome. I think creating that little loft for the bed is a brilliant idea! It gives you a lot more space for everything else. Click on the image for great tips on how to pull off a small space.

Image from HGTV

Love the bold patterns on the wallpaper, and the dramatic black curtains. And get a load of how many people that couch can seat!

Image from Elle Decor

I love the sedate blue against the white walls! And it’s marvelous how the bed doesn’t look out of place in this space. I looks like it’s meant to be right where it is.

Image from Good is Enough,

Love this dining set! It’s so cozy. And this would have made our low-ceilinged pad look more spacious.

The amazing 32 sq m Hong Kong apartment owned and designed by architect Gary Chang.

And for more brilliance, check out one of the previous posts by Jill Steinberg about this miniscule apartment in Hong Kong. This is an awesome kind of independence — it is freedom from the restrictions of space. I just love it!

Finally, there’s this wonderful little website that’s dedicated to helping and guiding folks through the business of finding, moving in, and living in their first apartments, and it’s called, quite obviously, My First Apartment. It’s chock-full of tips, ideas, and helpful advice.

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