Inspired By Fireworks

Canada Day Fireworks

Today’s post is all about fireworks as an inspiration for design. Of course, fireworks were in invented in China in the seventh century shortly after the invention of gunpowder, but since then they’ve been lighting up the skies all over the world. The extraordinary shape and colour of fireworks have mesmerized audiences for their beauty, romance and power. A number of designers and artists have been inspired by them as well.


The patterns made by fireworks can be very organic and almost floral so I can see how they would end up as the inspiration for textiles, as seen in the dress pictured above. In monochrome, the explosions of light become beautiful graphic designs.

illuminated firework art via design sponge

I’m not usually a fan of DIY art ideas, but I really like this project featured on Design Sponge. Taking old flea market photographs Halligan Norris has painted fireworks into the sky. This beautifully simple project is nice enough to display year round.

Paper Sparklers- Say Yes to Hoboken

Here’s a DIY project for your Canada Day or Fourth of July celebrations that you still have time to make; paper sparklers perfect for shaking during the fireworks show. Of course real sparklers are more fun, but they can be dangerous for little revellers, so these are a perfect substitute.

firework studies- pierre le hors

Have you seen this art book by Pierre le Hors? This book contains photographs of fireworks rendered in black and white. They almost look like splatters of white paint against the black pages. You can see more images from this beautiful work here.

pretty penny designs

This organic cotton tote is hand silk-screened with gold and white fireworks. The print is subtle and modern and the bag looks roomy enough for all your summer essentials.

Coyote Fireworks- Roxy Torres

Here are some actual fireworks that showcase exceptional package design. This packaging for a fireworks set was created by student designer Roxy Torres out of simple canvas and burlap.   They’re so lovely to look at it would be a shame to blow them up.

Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian readers, and to all of our American readers, have a great Fourth of July weekend, and a spectacular weekend to everyone else too!

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