It’s a Masquerade

venetian maskVenecian Mask via the visual vamp

Halloween prep is in full swing here at our house. Costumes have been found, decorations are up and we’re only waiting on the pumpkin carving and trying not to devour all the halloween candy too early. To get us all in the Halloween spirit I thought we could look at handmade masks today that range from the macabre to the magnificent. Who’s ready for a masquerade party?

Japanese Noh MaskJapanese Noh Mask 2images via asiateatro

Masks have a place in many cultures and are used in entertainment, religion and celebrations. The Japanese Noh masks are carved out of wood and are an integral element of a traditional form of musical theatre.  The craftsmanship of these wonderful masks is impressive, as is their ability to terrify or amuse an audience.

fox maskPaper Mache Fox Mask by Jevgenia Masks

This curious fox mask is made out of paper mache by Latvian artist Yevgenia Kilupe. Her masks have such character and are lovely enough to hang on the wall when you’re through with halloween.  Making a mask out of paper mache or plaster isn’t difficult if you want to try it yourself. Here are two good tutorials for paper and plaster.

cardboard masksCardboard Zodiac Masks by Ivar Theorin via Mad Blog

These cardboard Chinese Zodiac masks  were made by Ivar Theorin for the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Visitors to the museum studio were encouraged to try on the masks and I love how fun the resulting photos are. This tiger mommy is kind of awesome.

Leather Masquerade MaskLeather Masquerade Mask by Osborne Arts

Osborne arts makes leather masks that are all handcrafted in Michigan; their masks are dyed, painted, tooled and sculpted by hand. Whether you’re looking to be mysterious or spooky, these masks will provide the ultimate finishing touch to your costume.

metal mask sculpturemask by Dale Dunning

Dale Dunning’s metal mask sculptures  are true works of art. This one is made of steel machine screws and bronze and is entitled Sortirical Maze. Some of his other masks have been made out of moveable type. His work is hauntingly beautiful, although probably too heavy and large to wear.

Wizard of Oz masksWizard of Oz Printable Masks by Chelsea Ann

If you find yourself short a Halloween costume on October 31st, or if you just want something special for everyday dress-up these printable Wizard of Oz masks are the easiest way to transform yourself into Dorothy, the Tinman or the Cowardly Lion. Also, these would be fantastic for an Oz themed birthday party.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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