Julian Schnabel: Art and Film, an Art Gallery of Ontario exhibit

A painting by Schnabel

Schnabel’s self portrait, photo credit AGO

Oh Julian Schnabel. I’m enchanted by you. By your fuchsia castle in the West Village. By Diving Bell and Butterfly. By your wild 80s making art alongside the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat. And by your beautiful wife.

Pink condo owned by Julian Schnabel

Palazzo Chupi, Schnabel’s very pink condo built atop an old stable. He sketched the form in 10 minutes. Photo credit New York Times.

A major retrospective of Schnabel’s art and films are on display at the AGO till January 2, 2011. If you’re in Toronto this month, don’t miss this exhibit featuring more than 25 of his key works that examine the interplay between his art as a painter and filmmaker. You can download the a free audio tour by the artist himself at iTunes. Oh Julian Schnabel.

Schnabel's elegy for Basquiat

JMB, a painting Schanbel created the day after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s death. Image courtesy of the AGO

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