Julie Moon

I don’t make it out to many art openings, mostly due to the toddler member of our family that seems to have imposed an eight o’clock curfew on everyone in the household, but I will definitely be making an exception for Julie Moon’s upcoming solo exhibition “Pretty Strange” at the Narwhal Art Projects gallery in Toronto. Julie Moon is a Canadian ceramics artist, jewellery designer and installation artist. Her work is beautiful and sometimes confrontational, often combining traditional motifs of prim antique china with images of exaggerated femininity.

When looking at one of Julie’s sculptural works it is easy to be won over by the superficial prettiness of delicately painted flowers and soft flowing shapes, but a moment later the unsettling details of a long-nailed pointed finger or a disembodied pair of lips come into view and the experience becomes something else entirely. Her juxtaposition of imagery along with her impeccable craftsmanship are what make her one of the most compelling contemporary ceramics artists in Canada.  Today’s post is a brief look at Moon’s work, both old and new.

A piece from Julie Moon’s new solo exhibit via Narwhal Art Projects

Tell Me That You Love Me via Julie Moon

Untitled via Julie Moon

Julie Moon ceramic heart brooch via clara emily. Moon’s jewelery can be purchased at Shop Girls and Magic Pony.

headspace installation via Julie Moon

Pretty Pleas 2010 Installation via Julie Moon

image via sick of the radio

Moon’s new work, a collection of free-standing and wall-hanging sculptures  will be on view at Narwhal Art Projects Gallery at 680 Queen Street West until September 14th. If you’re in Toronto be sure to check it out. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the Pushing Boundaries show at the Gardiner Museum where Moon last showed her work, so I won’t be making that mistake again. Hope to see you there!

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