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Kickstarter is one of those sites that can get you excited about the internet again. It’s a funding platform that allows artists, inventors, designers and creative types of all sorts to propose projects that are looking for financial backing. Some of the ideas are downright wacky and some are brilliant, but that’s the beauty of Kickstarter, anyone can participate. You vote for an idea with your donations. If you think an idea warrants your investment you can pledge as little as a dollar to help fund the project. Every project has a pledge goal, and if the project doesn’t reach it’s goal then your donation is refunded and they get zilch. Many of the projects offer rewards or incentives for your donations, like personal thank-you notes, merchandise and other perks. It’s a simple idea that has garnered some impressive results. Here are a few design-related projects that are on our radar.

Design Thinking Documentary

This inspiring documentary project explores what “design thinking” means and how it is implemented by designers from all fields. This doc hopes to show how this concept is used in every facet of design. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see this film when it’s finished.

New York Floating Pool

The Floating Pool

There are a number of projects on Kickstarter that focus on community development and this floating pool in New York City is one of those. The plan is to put a floating pool in the rivers of New York City where anyone can swim in clean filtered river water. In order to move forward with this plan the project partners Family and Playlab need to test their filtration systems. They already have over 1,200 backers and have achieved the first of three funding goals.

FE Wearables

Modular Jewellery

Fashion and jewellery designers are also turning to Kickstarter to find help with producing new lines. One of the more interesting jewellery projects I found is called FE Wearables, which are modular jewellery pieces. There are two customizable prototypes, which you can see in action in this video.

The Uni Portable Reading Room

The Uni

The Uni is another community project that I would love to see put into production everywhere. The uni is an open air portable reading room designed for urban spaces. The Uni brings books to virtually any space and functions as a pop-up library, where you can read a book, screen a film or have a meeting.

Does Kickstarter work? Judging by the number of projects that have been successfully funded on Kickstarter so far I would say definitely. If you want to find out more about projects on Kickstarter, or you have an idea of your own you’d like to reveal to the masses you can find more info here.

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