Learning From Small Houses

Ghost House by Jin Otagiri- via minimalissimo

Micro home, prefab, cargotechture: these are all names to describe homes that are small in size but big on design ideas. In cities with high population density and expensive land costs, like Japan, building small is a necessity, but there are other reasons people choose to live in small spaces including sustainability and the desire to get back to basics. Here are a few lessons we can learn from living small.

via desire to inspire

It’s All in the Details Whether you live in a monster home, or the tiniest of condos, the charm of every room lives in the details. The micro cabin above is an excellent example of how to curate furniture and accessories so that everything meshes with the overall look. This space is incredibly soft and warm, and doesn’t feel cramped despite the small size.

sunset idea home via re-nest

Pare Down

Could you live in a shipping container if it was as beautifully designed as this one? ‘Cargotechture’ means recycling shipping containers and transforming them into houses.  At only 192 square feet the Sunset Idea House sleeps four and has all the conveniences of a modern home.  In a space this compact there is only room for your most cherished and necessary items, a lesson many of us who live in cluttered houses could take to heart.

Dwelle Prefab Home via inhabitat

Maximize space

Living in a small space involves some smart thinking when it comes to furniture layout and storage. This compact prefab home utilizes vertical space for built-in storage and sleeping quarters. The sofa and staircase are also the right scale for the room and take up only as much floorspace as they need to.

via re-nest

Make Every Inch Yours

All the design mags and blogs in the world won’t tell you how to make a space that is truly you. Trust your instincts and fill your home with things you love. Take this airstream trailer makeover; every corner of this home represents the people who live there. Maybe I’ve got a bit of a gypsy soul, but I would move in here in a second.

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  1. William Zies says:

    Great concept! I have been thinking of the possibility myself for serval years as I live in Japan. Thanks!!

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