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Painting with coffee as medium

Coffee Spotlight by Angel Sarkela-Saur

Most people probably pour their drinks with barely a glance at the liquids they are imbibing. Some pay more attention and appreciate the scent, color and clarity of their beverage. A few are connoisseurs who observe the nuances not just of the flavors and aromas, but also of the hues and shades of their potables.

And there are a few who take the colors and translate them to varied visual delights, creating breathtaking works of art.

Though it’s probably not the case, I imagine these artists enjoying their drinks as they paint their masterpieces, alternately sipping them and pouring some on their little pots and applying all that color and fragrance onto their works. Their studios must smell wonderful!

Caffeine High

Looking around the web, painting with coffee apparently isn’t that unusual. Crafters usually make use of it to give artwork an aged look. Come to think of it, I remember soaking paper in coffee to make some old-looking letters — probably for a play back in high school.

Artists around Asia have been using it as a painting medium for a while now, and in recent years, the rest of the world has caught on. Some internet sources point to Thailand as the origin of this medium.

Coffee painting

Warmth by Angel Sarekha-Saur

But no matter how or when. The art created with coffee always has a warm, earthy feel, and an “old” look brought on by its sepia tones.

Coffee painting by Amita and Mira Chudasama

"Dal Lake" by Amita & Mira Chudasama

Coffee painting of a Balinese mask

Balinese Mask Carving by Amita and Mira Chudasama

Malaysian artist Hong Yi uses coffee a little differently. Instead of using a brush she uses the base of a coffee cup to create coffee rings on her canvas.

Coffee stain portrait by Hong Yi

Hong Yi and her coffee stain portrait. Image via Inhabitat.

Coffee as a medium. Coffee cup as the tool.

Coffee rings make the painting

Bacchanalian Feast

I came across an article about artist Elisabetta Rogai a couple or so weeks ago. She makes portraits using different kinds of white and red wines, which gives her a palette of different shades of yellows and purple-reds. And just as it ages in the bottle, the wine in the paintings does so too, and at a faster rate because it’s exposed to the air. This aging makes subtle changes in the artwork mellowing out the bright colors to warm, golden hues.

Elisabetta Rogai painting

"Ebbrezza" by Elisabetta Rogai

Wine painting by Elisabetta Rogai

"Divini Sensi" by Elisabetta Rogai

Beer Buzz

If wine is a viable painting medium, why not beer? Karen Eland “hops” to it! Here’s one that’s got an Art Nouveau vibe to it.

Beer painting by Karen Eland

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