Musical Chairs, Couches, and Other Things

I’ve still got Grammy fever. They put on a fabulous show last Sunday, a feast for the eyes just as much as for the ears, but I want some more. So to extend the Grammy experience, here are unforgettable music videos of some of the winners and nominees. The music’s awesome, and some of the furniture are too.

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance – Winner

There certainly is a lot of magic taking place on the couch here. So sweet and romantic. Styling and art direction gives a nod, and a wistful smile, to decades past. Makes me miss the old-school Walkman.

La Roux
Best Electronic/Dance Album – Winner

The duo’s 80’s influences are not only reflected in their synth-pop sound, but also in their videos, especially in this one’s unrestrained use of dizzying geometry. And you gotta love that funky white “Lego”-like chair!

Train – Hey, Soul Sister
Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals – Winner

Aside from have a melody and cadence that won’t come off your head, the song has a very stylish video featuring animated hand-drawn letters and graphics crawling all over the place. Also noteworthy is the beautiful white on white treatment in the living room shots.

Beyonce – Halo (live)
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – Nominee

Still loving the white against white; this whole video is bathed in a soft hazy glare, radiating the quiet and serene joy that permeates the song. And as for those sofa scenes–what can be more beautiful than lounging in a couch, and just staring into the eyes of the beloved?

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
Record of the Year – Winner

When I’m not sighing over the great song, I’m loving the hint of details in Hillary Scott’s shadowed room–the flowers scattered on the floor, the rumpled beddings, the suggestion of carving on the headboard…

John Mayer – Half of my Heart
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance –  Nominee

Amazing how John looks all sweet and soulful seated on this delicate-looking Victorian love seat, upholstered in this most delightful blush-y shade, with only his guitar for company. It’s heart-meltingly adorable!

Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates
Best Female Pop Performance – Nominee

Although Gaga made one heck of a dramatic entrance in an egg, and claimed the award for this category, I would like to take a breather from the in-your-face awesomeness of her fantasies and fetishes and enjoy some good old-fashioned cuteness with Norah Jones. How can one not be charmed by her sweet little ditty of a song? And the video is just as darling, with its surreal, whimsical pirate theme, complete with teeny tiny Norah playing captain from a rooftop, raising anchor and going forth with billowing sails towards some unknown land.

For a more comprehensive list of winners and nominees, visit the Grammy Awards Nominees Page.

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2 Responses to Musical Chairs, Couches, and Other Things

  1. Pat Millar says:

    I loved the grammy’s. I thought Mick Jaggar stole the show and one of the best voices was Christina Aguilera. Although I love Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers it was sad to see them overshadow the voice of Bob Dylan. Train is a favorite band of mine. It was great to see the unique Arcade Fire win.

  2. Nathalie Mariano says:

    Hi Pat! Yes, Mick Jagger did rock out as if he were a young rooster, strutting around and showing us all that he’s still got it. He wowed us all!

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