New as Old: Gadgets in Disguise

Perhaps in the past century people moved, rushed, and pushed forward at a pace that left behind all too soon the great designs of the time. Or perhaps we of this age are simply nostalgic for the “ancestors” of our gadgets and appliances that we never got to meet.

Since we can’t travel back through time (at least, not just yet), designers have brought the past in to meet the present, giving today’s technology the look and charm of decades past.

TV Design by Mike Chen

What a darling TV! There’s such a quirky naivete about it, with its gorgeous light wood, and cute rabbit “antennae” which now serve as input and mode switches.

Fuji FinePix X100

Don’t let your eyes be deceived. Beneath this old-school exterior is the latest technology in digital photography.

CD Player

Yong Jieyu Studio took apart a CD player and reassembled it to look like a really sexy gramophone. The “needle” is not just for show, as it holds the player’s laser lens.

Customized Keyboard from Steampunk Workshop

This one is a painstakingly hand-crafted typewriter style keyboard that would suitably inspire today’s writer to churn out words like Hemingway or Kerouac probably did on the old clickety-clackety versions of it.

iDial App for iPhone

This iPhone app gives you a taste of what it was like to not have cellphone address books and speed dials. Which means you have to actually memorize phone numbers.

Bosch Classic Refrigerator

Image from Appliancist

There was a time when refrigerator doors did not have magnets and had latches instead. Bosch first launched its classic ref design in 1949. It has put everything it has learned since then into to this revamp.

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