No More Bare Walls

Image via Crate and Barrel

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to buy art for your home? Or maybe you have an empty wall (or many empty walls) that could use a little inspiration?  Deciding on which art to buy can be daunting to say the least, as there are so much incredible artists out there. Purchasing original art can also be an investment, though of course it’s always best to go with something you love, but where should you start looking?  Here are a few places to try:

Greg Hart via Buy Some Damn Art

Rebeca Raney via Buy Some Damn Art

Buy Some Damn Art

Kate Singleton, the blogger behind the always inspiring Art Hound is on a mission to get people to purchase original works of art. Every few weeks she creates a new online art show on her site Buy Some Damn Art featuring new and established artists at manageable price points (under 350US). If you read her blog you know she has a good eye, so you are likely to find some beautiful pieces for sale.

Luke Ramsey via The Beholder

Anna Ura via the Beholder

The Beholder

The Beholder is another fantastic online resource that specializes in original contemporary art and limited edition prints. It’s essentially an online gallery where you can peruse the virtual walls for paintings, drawings and photographs.  Sometimes they also have guest curated shows, which are always fun.

Marco Bettoni via Eyestorm

Carne Griffiths via Eyestorm


Eyestorm, much like the Beholder, is an online gallery that shows an impressive selection of artists. There are some really big names for sale there, as well as some artists you may not know. One thing I appreciate about the Beholder and Eyestorm is that all the art is handpicked so you don’t have to wade through thousands of images to find one you might want.

Chi Birmingham via 20 x 200


20X200 emerged a few years ago as a go to resource for quality prints by a stellar selection of contemporary artists. This site makes looking for affordable art quick and fun with helpful search features and a clean interface.  They add new prints all the time so check back frequently.  Also, you should be warned, specific prints often sell out quickly.

Lizzie Vickery via Art Interiors

Dorion Scott via Art Interiors

Art interiors is a Toronto resource that I discovered a few years ago. If contemporary Canadian art is your thing then this is a great place to see some fantastic artists side by side. You can search their collection of work by price, medium and size.

Polaboy backlit frame via Poppytalk

The polaboy is one of those ideas that is so simple and genius that it makes you wonder how someone else didn’t come up with it already. It’s basically a wooden frame that is backlit by LED’s allowing you to display and illuminate large format photos. They also sell a collection of limited edition photographs that fit in the polaboy frame.  Giant polaroid for my wall?  Sign me up!

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