Outdoor Furniture Guide

Loopita Lounger by Victor Aleman via one weekof design

Planning a patio can be full of tough decisions, and one of the most difficult choices to make is what furniture to purchase. To make this a little easier on you we here at The Design Tree thought we would put together a little Outdoor Furniture Guide to get you on your way.

For starters, how stunning is this circular lounger by Victor Aleman? Unique pieces like this can turn an ordinary backyard or deck into a resort-like retreat.  The right furniture can truly be transformative, so don’t be afraid to try out unconventional styles.

Room and Board

Designing the Outdoor Room

The first step in choosing the right outdoor furniture is to decide if you want your patio or deck to be an extension of the inside of your home,or its’ own stand-alone space. Either way, planning an outdoor seating area should follow the same conventions as an indoor seating arrangement; think about how best to place seating so as to encourage conversation. Details like accent pillows and throws can be a nice touch and many of these items come in weather safe options. Don’t forget to have a few surfaces nearby for setting down drinks and snacks.

fillingham via Design Sponge

Craftsmanship is Key

Not only is this chair by etsy seller fillingham absolutely beautiful, you can also see the expert craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece of furniture like this. Opting for handmade furniture isn’t always an option for everyone due to cost, but make sure that whatever you choose to purchase is well made and will stand up to many seasons of use.

Spartan Daybed from Restoration Hardware

Get Comfortable

Style is one thing, but you also want to enjoy using it; the last thing you want is to buy a chair or sofa that may look nice but that no one ever sits in.  The backyard or patio is a place for relaxation and I can’t think of a better place for doing that than this daybed from Restoration Hardware. It has the perfect amount of shade, comfy cushions and is roomy enough for spreading out.

kenkoon via designboom

Know Your Materials

When you buy any piece of furniture you want it to last, and the same is true of furniture you buy for your patio. There are so many options for outdoor furniture when it comes to materials including teak, stainless steel, wicker and many more. Some surfaces and finishes will be more resistant to the elements than others, and some will require special treatment so make sure to do your research. There are also numerous eco-friendly possibilities like poly-woods that are made out of recycled materials.

Alessandra Baldereschi via moco loco

Be Playful

There’s no need to play it safe when choosing outdoor furnishings. Fun details and bright colours are way more lively than safe tans and whites, so why not pick a few unexpected items to spruce things up a little. This set from Alessandra Baldereschi is brilliant, she has created the outlines of plush upholstered furniture out of wire and the result is equal parts artistic, clever and fun.

That’s it for our furniture guide. Hope you’ve found a few helpful tips to make your patio planning easier.

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