Peace, Love, Bread

It’s Foodie Tuesday!

I’m having some friends over for a Woodstock-themed murder mystery party on Sunday, and though I already have an idea on what to wear, I had no idea what to serve. And as I usually tend to do, I went overboard on the research. I actually found it riveting, especially viewing that period from the point of view of the present. It is quite amazing how the culture and values of hippie sub- and counter-culture have contributed to the ethics that we now uphold.  We see a hints of it in contemporary music, fashion  and art, in our concern for the environment, preference for natural, organic products, the quest for individuality and love for diversity, in anti-war ideologies, to name but a few.

So anyway, when I rubbed the crazy glazed look from my eyes, I shook myself off and started looking for recipes. I found a lot of interesting vegetarian dishes — but the jury’s still out on those, as my guests are veritable carnivores. And then I came upon a hippie bread recipe that was just basically flour, sugar, and beer. Now that I have to serve! But since that one required self-raising flour, which I don’t have, I had to look for a version that just used regular flour. And I found this beer bread recipe from Epicurious which sounds even yummier — well, because it has butter in it, and I love butter.

Tested the recipe today, and here’s what came out.

It’s moist and chewy, and slightly sweet. The butter ran down the sides and bottom of the pan and created a brown, crunchy, buttery crust, and the beer gave it a heady, earthy character. It’s really really good! The recipe is quite foolproof (love that!) and it’s the kind that the more adventurous bakers can play around with. The variations I’ve seen include substituting whole wheat flour for the all-purpose flour, or adding whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit — which are all exciting possibilities.

Now, I’ve got the bread down — yay! I just have to figure out the rest of my menu for Sunday. Tofu or not to tofu? That is still the question.

All images in this post by Nathalie Mariano.

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