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There seems to be a rash of  home decor items featuring uplifting slogans. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the uncertainty of the times or just a passing trend, but let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little encouragement. Without being too saccharine, these prints, decals and gifts are designed to keep you positive even when you’re having a less than amazing day.

keep calm gallery

Here’s a print for when you’re second guessing your new haircut or a new outfit. I think this would be great hanging in the bathroom, so even when the mirror is telling you to do otherwise, you can leave the house feeling good about yourself.

The Wheatfield

This poster is a subtle reminder to be in the moment. I’m currently renovating my office space and this is just the reminder I need to keep my butt in the chair and keep creating even when there are a million distractions trying to pull me away.

Shannah Murray via Creature Comforts

I’m a big fan of Shannah Murray’s illustrated decals. I especially love them on a chalkboard where you can contribute your own doodles or notes. She has a number of different designs, but this ‘You are my Sunshine’ one is my personal fave.

kims little monsters via you are my fave

If you know someone who could use a little comforting, these mini message boxes by kims little monsters would make a great gift. They are all hand drawn and hand assembled and sport little encouraging sayings; perfect for sticking in your purse or leaving on a shelf for an impromptu pick-me-up.

Mary Kate McDevitt

Motivation isn’t always easy to come by, but this encouraging little chalkboard can help keep you focused.  They say writing down your goals is one of the quickest ways to help achieve them, so why not start here? I love the idea of putting one of these in a child’s bedroom.

Erin Hanson via The Jealous Curator

Then there are the times when we need reminders just to do regular people stuff; calling our parents, eating more fibre or picking up a book.  That’s where Erin Hanson’s cheeky photo series comes in;  he  calls it “childish treatment for childish behaviour” and I know I sure tend to lapse into bad habits and could use a friendly reminder to break them now and then. You can see the rest of the photos in the series on his website.

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