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Whether it’s just me and the babe (big ‘un or little ‘un) or a huge gathering, I love packing up and heading to the park or beach for a picnic.  There’s something totally carefree about a picnic, something that just epitomizes summer: laying out in the sun, enjoying some good food, picking shapes out of the clouds and watching the world go by.  It’s also something you can do on a moment’s notice and it isn’t likely to break the bank.  Here are a few cool finds to add an extra level of comfort and decadence to your picnic while respecting mama earth.

The Blanket

Last summer our son was just learning to sit and crawl on his own.  I found this blanket by Tuffo at an independent toy store in Toronto and it got a lot of use.  Water resistant, durable, light weight with a convenient and compact carrying system (which also does double duty by carrying small toys, diapers, and the like) we took this out almost daily and plan to again this season.

The Cutlery and Baskets

A huge part of the enjoyment of outdoor dining, especially for us city-dwellers, is taking in nature.  So it totally sucks that picnics often mean disposable napkins, cutlery and dining ware.  But there are a number of wonderful sustainable options on the market today like these:

Etsy shop, N Star Studio, sells these lovely Urban Picnic Roll-Ups.  Bamboo cutlery and  napkins for two all packaged in a pretty cotton carrying case that will tuck neatly into any bag.

Made of melamine, these stylish picnic bento boxes from Plastica will safely carry multiple dishes to and from your picnic site without messy spills.

Would it surprise you to learn that these pretty petal plates are made of bamboo?  A sustainable material that’s super durable and very light these would add an extra dash of sunshine to your dining, inside or out.

While I love vintage picnic baskets, these days on foot with a toddler they’re sadly less practical than I’d like.  So that’s why I love the picnic backback.  Because it shouldn’t be a drag getting to and from your picnic, these lightweight carry-alls are insulated to keep food and drink cool and carry all the necessary accoutrements like corkscrew, cutting board, and cheese knife.  This one from Lee Valley holds a place setting for 4!

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