Photographing Kids: 3 Useful Superpowers

Kids are playful, cute and engaging, making them awesome photography subjects. But while it is great fun to capture those quirky and adorable moments, the hunt for such moments is fraught with frustration and disappointment. They aren’t that easy to capture. I’ve often experienced snapping a ton of pics and have very few good ones to show for it. I tell you, ┬áin getting fabulous kiddie pics, luck — or superpowers — plays a rather major role.

Since I don’t like relying on luck too much, that leaves superpowers. In the absence of a vat of mysterious chemicals, and taking my cue from Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, who had to work to acquire their superpowers, I decided to train myself to get the following superpowers.


This can be achieved by staying some distance away and calling as little attention to myself. This means keeping myself from telling the subject to turn my way or smile. I just have to let them do their thing.

Bionic Vision

This can be achieved by keeping my eyes peeled at all times, watching, observing, anticipating — hopefully all the while with a finger on the shutter release button. The attainment of this power can be aided by going down to the adorable kiddies’ level, because that helps me see them better.

The “bionic” part means acknowledging that I’m an amateur and accepting help from technology when I need to. It’s okay for me to use my camera’s automatic exposure and program settings. It’s also okay to use image editing software to tweak exposures and crop the photos to get the best composition possible.

Time Manipulation

Perhaps stopping or rewinding time would be a tad too much to ask for. So I’ll settle on just making time seem to stand still, or to fly by, or to slow down. This means training myself to stay in the moment and not think about laundry, or chocolates, or my lovelife. It also means practicing patience, and to stop trying to hurry things along.

All images by Nathalie Mariano, shot using a Pentax K1000 SLR, and a Nikon D70 DSLR. Thanks to my nieces, nephews, godchildren, and GK Sagip kids.

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