Pumpkin Parade

Today I wanted to share a fun and unique event in our neighbourhood.  No doubt there are equally charming things that go on in neighbourhoods all over the place, but I love how this happened entirely organically, that it’s a community-led initiative, non-commercial and really fun.  Referred to as the Pumpkin Parade, on November 1 every year friends and neighbours walk their Jack-o-lanterns to the local park, line them up and take in the magic of them all alight.

Image 2 and 3 via BlogTO

Thousands of pumpkins line and circle back on this modest park in Toronto’s west end.  Legend has it – or the version I’ve heard is- that the Pumpkin Parade started a few years back, six or so, with one woman getting her neighbours on her block in on the action. She thought it was a shame these pumpkins are only really enjoyed for a night, thought they deserved a last hurrah.  From there it’s grown into a real event where neighbours catch up while kids dance around in their Halloween costumes.  And it’s certainly elevated the artistry and creativity folks bring to their carvings.  Neighbourly one-up-manship will do that.  Here are a few cool ones we saw last night.

And don’t fret: with the Pumpkin Parade this big, the city sends the compost trucks out to pick up all the pumpkins so that they’re all properly disposed of.  I think every neighbourhood should host one of these.  How awesome would that be?

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