Reindeer Games

Paper Mache Reindeer via curbly

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen…

Reindeer have long been synonymous with the winter season, what with their annual escorting of Santa around the globe and all. As Santa gets ready to hitch up his team to the sleigh I thought we could look at some objects and projects inspired by this wintery beast (okay, I’ll admit that I’ve mixed some regular old deer in with the reindeer, but you won’t tell Santa Claus will you?)

DIY Cardboard Deer Kit from Mikkili

If you’re looking for activities to fill those long winter days waiting for Christmas to come you can make your own reindeer toy/sculpture with this eco-friendly kit. It’s made from sturdy printed cardboard, and the simple construction makes it easy for anyone to put together.

Reindeer Necklace by Nafsika

This little reindeer pendant is made out of sterling silver by etsy seller Nafsika. A perfect wintery bobble to complement a cozy sweater as you sit by the fire sipping hot cocoa.

Reindeer Bedlinen by nord

I am completely smitten with this junior’s bedding set by nord. It’s hard to find kid’s bedding that kids and design conscious parents will both like, but I think this black and white set will please everyone. I just love the expression on this deer’s face.

Deer Vase by Akamoyo

This porcelain deer vase by German-Japanese artist and designer Akamoyo is a gorgeous way to display blooms. Much more stylish and whimsical than a pair of antlers over the fireplace if you ask me.

Burlap Reindeer Pillow by The NestUK

Add an arctic touch to your sofa with this pretty reindeer pillow. The silhouette is hand printed on burlap, making this a fantastic rustic accessory that is easy to change up when the season is over.

Coffee Deer by Jenny Kim

I just discovered the Working Proof, which is a place to buy art while also being charitable. A portion of each print on their site goes to the artist’s chosen charity. A purchase of this print helps support Puppies behind bars; a program that teaches inmates to train puppies to be service dogs.

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments by Little Bit Funky

Looking for a last minute gift the kids can make this weekend? These easy reindeer ornaments by Little Bit Funky are a great way to create a keepsake that can hang on the tree every year. As a bonus, you may even have the needed supplies around the house already.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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