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digital cardDigital Card by Lily and Val

In case the barrage of TV ads and the decorations in all of the stores haven’t given you the hint, the holidays are just around the corner. I have vowed that this is the year I send out cards that will, with any luck, reach their recipients before sometime in February, and yes I will even remember to buy stamps for them. If you’re a procrastinator like me, or if you just need a little help picking the perfect cards, I’ve rounded up a few options that will be appreciated by everyone on your mailing list.  I’ve also included a few alternatives to traditional cards for those who want to save a few trees, like the digital image above that you can send via e-mail, or cards that can be repurposed in useful ways.

Mistletoe Botanical cardMistletoe Botanical Card by Yellow Owl Workshop

Yellow Owl Workshop makes such lovely stamps and stationery, and this year’s crop of holiday cards is no exception. This botanical mistletoe card is a cool way to say happy holidays in a non-traditional way. The also have a botanical holly card as well.

Merry Christmas From New York Merry Christmas from New York by Spring Olive

Hometown pride has been a popular trend in paper and product design so it’s no surprise to see it popping up on holiday cards. After the rough couple of weeks folks in New York have been having this happy holidays New York card may be a reminder of better things to come.

Custom house holiday cardCustom House Holiday Card by HouseLoveShop found via design mom

I love this idea for holiday cards. You send them a picture of your house and they transform it into a retro-style illustration that you can keep, and they will also send you a version with a holiday message and wreaths in the window, perfect for sending as this year’s holiday card.

snow and sled ornament cardSnow and Sled Ornament Card by Rifle Paper Co.

This fun sled card has a dual purpose; after the recipient has had a chance to appreciate your message they can pop out the image on the front and they have a new ornament for their tree. Such a great idea. I always feel so guilty throwing out cards when the season is over.

snow postcardSnow Postcard by Present and Correct

Is someone you know wishing for a few snowflakes this holiday season? This pretty postcard by etsy seller Present and Correct comes with it’s own snowfall. You just shake it like a snowglobe and you can have an instant snowfall anytime you need it.

Tree decoder cardTree Decoder Card from Wit & Whistle

Top secret spies need a little holiday cheer too. The Tree decoder card from Wit & Whistle is a fun way to send a special message to a friend. How it works is you write your message lightly in pencil and the recipient of the card uncovers  it using the included decoder glass. I imagine this card would be a big hit with kids.

mini holiday wreath cardMini Holiday Wreath Card DIY by frolic!

These clever herb wreath cards may not survive a trip through the post, but included with a hostess gift or tied to a special gift they are a fantastic idea. They also have all the traits of a top notch DIY project: simple to pull off, inexpensive to make, and pretty to look at. For the complete how-to head to Frolic!.

Let's ignore the holidays cardLets Ignore the Holidays Card by Laura George

For the anti-holiday person on your list this card by artist Laura George is funny and cute. The perfect antidote to a crazed and consumerist couple of months. Who doesn’t enjoy good cheese and cookies anytime of the year?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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