Shaking it Up

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Happy New Year!  How was the first week of 2012? I’m feeling like I need to shake things up a bit.  Take advantage of the fresh start.  A yoga studio opened right across the street from me, seems almost like fate, huh?

To usher in some change this year at the top of my list is  to finally organize our home office.  Right now it’s being used as a holding area and storage zone.  It’s an embarrassing mess.

This is what I need: an uncluttered space that’s also beautiful, whoa. That would help with productivity surely. I love that this room above clearly is a multifunctional space,  with the office space well defined yet fitting right in with the overall design scheme.  This is a pretty solution to the predicament I find myself in at home:  all of our spaces need to accomodate all our family members.

both images via French By Design

This is another wonderful option, if I could just get the messy hubby onboard.  What a great way to share office space, though it certainly would demand a certain level of organization as upkeep.  Of course this is not a bad thing at all.

Jo of Desire to Inspire’s homeoffice, Holy Wow Batman

And this dream office belongs to Jo of Desire to Inspire.  I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I first saw these images.  Click through her tour of this amazing space here.  Now this is an inspired space.  The space of a Design Blogger.

Next on the list for 2012? Of course, once I established this new home workspace, I’d be so much more productive and efficient.  And with all this newfound free time the kid and I would do all those lovely cultured things life sometimes gets in the way of.  You know, read more, make our way to more festivals, visit more galleries. So that the kid didn’t grow up and require these sorts of ad campaigns.  When I saw these Historically Hardcore posters, a  project by a design student,  they made me laugh and laugh and wince a little.  (You can download posters from Jenny Burrows’ site.)

Posters part of Jenny Burrow’s Historically Hardcore Project

Enough about me.  How do you plan on shaking it up in 2012?

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