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Today’s post is short and sweet.  Sure it’s a summer holiday Monday where I am and perhaps where you are too and we’d both like to be in the sun with the people who make us flutter.  But also this idea is so lovely it deserves an entire post unto itself.

Maybe you already know but right now and ending soon – August 15 to be exact – there’s an international interactive community art project happening that you can join.  It’s called Snail Mail My Email, which does exactly as its title implies.

Type up your email, up to 100 words, for a special person you’d like to make contact with and send this note to  From there volunteers handwrite your note and send it free of charge to your chosen recipient.  Anywhere in the world, no less.  You can even request further customization of your special note, choosing a lipstick kiss, flower petal, doodle or suggesting your own somethin’ somethin’ to make the note more meaningful. (Do visit their site for full details.)

Of course judiciously choose what and whom to send your note as this is a community art project and your note may end up on Snail Mail My Email’s website (they do remove last names and addresses to respect privacy).

So far letters have included notes from parents to their babies, love letters, adults writing to long lost childhood friends, secret bromances and, of course, the obligatory Hogwarts acceptance letters.  The letters themselves are all artistic in their own way, with everything between curlicue penmanship and kiddie scratch.  It certainly adds an element of interest and meaning to the whole endeavour.  You can see a selection of the letters here.

The project is poignant and nostalgic, a little bit voyeuristic, but ultimately urges us to keep letter writing alive!  It’s a gentle reminder to step away from our gadgets long enough to really reflect on our thoughts and relationships to write in longhand, gasp, to all those who enter our consciousness over the course of a day. For me I’m struggling to choose the right recipient (only one note per person please), so many folks come to mind.  Happily this project has inspired me, and I have some time  this holiday Monday, to write a few notes of gratitude and appreciation, catch-ups and thinking of yous to send by post myself.

Happy letter writing everyone!

Yours sincerely,


All images credit Snail Mail My Email

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