Stocking Stuffers and Last-Minute Gifts

For people who celebrate Christmas, there are two camps when it comes to shopping:  those who get it done early and spend Christmas Eve relaxing by the fire, smugly admiring their handiwork under the tree, and those who wait until the last minute and suffer through crowded stores and empty shelves before spending a sleepless night grappling with paper and bows.

Image:  La Flotte

Thankfully I am mostly in the former position this year but I still have a few bits and bobs to pick up, mostly stocking stuffers and last minute hostess gifts for the half dozen houses we will be visiting in the next few days.

Image: Curious Damsel

I am resisting the urge to be lazy and raid the grocery store for boxes of generic chocolates. Instead, I plan to visit and few local shops for little indulgences that our family and friends will enjoy through the holidays and beyond.

Image: Mikuni Wild Harvest

If your hosts are cooking for a crowd, you can grab some decadent jams or maple syrup to go with a jar of homemade pancake mix (don’t forget the instructions!) or a basket full of scones.

Image: Fork Knife Swoon

There is still time to make delectable delights in your own kitchen. My go-to recipe is a four-ingredient Peppermint Bark that can be put together in about an hour, including chilling time.

Image: Kitchen Confidante

I’m tempted to branch out this year and whip up some jars of fruit curd, which only takes a little more time and ingredients. Creamy Orange Cardamon Curd sounds divine and Cranberry provides a twist on this festive flavour.

Image: Dot and Lil

But since food never seems to be in short supply at the holidays, you might want to take another track. Little soaps will come in handy with a home full of houseguests.

Image:  Crazy Wonderful

Or, if you prefer something homemade, spray a couple coats of chalkboard paint on some spare tiles, tie them up with a piece of chalk and a pretty bow, and you have a set of unique and useful coasters.

Image: Floral Art via onewed

Everyone loves getting flowers but arriving with an arrangement that leaves your hosts scrambling for a vase isn’t best guest behaviour. Instead, pop by your local florist for a few succulents and plant them in a striking glass or bowl. Not only are they beautiful but they will last forever without much maintenance.

Image: Wish Studio

When time is tight, I sometimes cut corners on the wrapping but presentation really is everything. Check out Midori’s post from a few years ago for inspiration. And remember, your gifts don’t have to be large or expensive- your recipients will value the thought that went in to them. And no one will ever guess that they were put together on the fly.

Hopefully these ideas will allow you to get your last-minute gifts together with time to spare!

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