TED Talk: Robert Lang Folds Way-New Origami

If you’ve followed us for any length here on the blog, you may know that we are enamoured by paper, by origami, by the seeming infinite potential a single piece of paper holds.  By way of evidence I present some of Robert J. Lang’s work:

Anna's Hummingbird by Robert LangAnna’s Hummingbird.  All images by Robert J. Lang, langorigami

Orchestra by Robert Lang


Robert J. Lang's Quezada PotQuezada Pot

Lang's allosaurus skeletonEven an Allosaurus skeleton, in a sheet of square paper.

I came across this TED Talk this weekend during an internet wander.  Have you seen this?  Robert J. Lang, an origami master and physicist, uses math and engineering principles to fold intricate origami designs.  The results are startling, magnificent. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you won’t regret watching this.  Bonus: it makes math fun, something years of Kumon couldn’t do…

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