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Illustration rendered by Stina Persson

Image by and via Stina Persson

Fashion at its best is a combination of beauty and fantasy, and nothing epitomizes this better than fashion illustration. It’s not just about drawing amazing clothing and beautiful women, the illustrators working in the field today are skilled artists and spokespeople for what is on trend right this very second. Using cutting edge artistic techniques, and drawing their inspiration from the world around them, these illustrators give us visions of their perfect muse.

Susan Burghart

Vintage Art Nouveau style illustration

Image via Lovely Clusters

Susan Burghart is an American artist currently living in the UK  who uses vintage imagery and a combination of digital and traditional mediums to create glamorous images that have graced commercial advertisements and adorned the pages of fashion magazines.

Pomme Chan

Edgy illustration by Pomme Chan


Bangkok born Pomme Chan is a master of illustration and design who has created work for prestigious clients from Marc Jacobs to Mercedes Benz. Using black ink drawings and splashes of colour she creates work that is sexy, edgy and immediately striking.

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson's intellectual muses

Nerdy girls in glasses, holding books are probably not the first things you think of when you think of high fashion but Kelly Thompson has manifested a completely different sort of muse. Her muse is smart, understated and undeniably sensual. Thompson has had a number of sold out shows including her 2009 exhibition entitled “Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone”.

Laura Laine

Dark, mysterious, and Tim Burton-esque

The finely rendered drawings of Finnish illustrator Laura Laine are both hauntingly beautiful and slightly sinister. Her characters appear to have stepped out of the pages of a story and her unique vision has made her popular with art collectors and commercial clients alike.

Akari Inoguchi

Dreamy images by Akari Inoguchi

image via

Akari Inoguchi is a graphic designer and visual artist based out of Tokyo. Her dreamlike portraits are populated with lush plants, flowers, butterflies and tropical birds. Inoguchi has created commercial work for clients such as Vogue and Diesel and has exhibited her illustrations throughout Tokyo and New York.

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  1. Midori Tanaka says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Pomme Chan illustration! Totally got lost on her site….

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