The Modern Art of Papercutting

Via famillesummerbelle, this is the artist’s paper cut creation for a recent art exhibition and fundraiser to support rescue and rebuilding efforts in Japan.

Papercutting is an art that’s got quite the history, one that’s evolved uniquely in places all over the world.  From jian zhi in China and kirigami in Japan, to papel picado in Mexico and the Jewish art form that dates back to the middle ages, the art is imbued with its geographical and cultural roots.

There’s been a renaissance of late too.  Artists and artisans are breathing new life in this tradition perhaps as a response to the increasing digitization of our world. Take a look at these creations.

Tiny But Mighty

Helen Musselwhite papercut terrariums via Oh So Beautiful Paper

I am always in awe of how paper can be transformed.  From the ideas and worlds in books to the art created through folds and cuts.  These miniature scenes are fairytale-eque for sure.  Exquisite detail and craftsmanship.

Above two pictures of work by Hina Aoyama via Design Related

Hina Aoyama, a Japanese artist living is France creates her super fine lacy artwork by hand with scissors and paper alone. Her pieces are known for their meticulous detail that resemble fine embroidery. Each piece takes about 1 month to produce. Breathtaking.  For more images, visit her photostream, it’s absolutely dazzling.

Large Scale Installations

From tiny to massive, these two art installations are cut by hand from paper. Delicate paper is transformed into something majestic and ethereal.

Papercut cloud installation by Mia Pearlman. Image via Picocool.

Installation by Chris Natrop, image via Red Bubble

Your Turn

Lego Kirigami by Zakka Life

Want to try your hand at papercutting? Gather the Lego lovers in your home and start small with this sweet take on paper dolls by Zakka Life.  Hop on over to their site for the template and full how-to!

And if you want to learn more Chronicle Books has released Paper Cutting, edited by Laura Heyenga.  This book is a gorgeous compilation of some of the most beautiful modern works.  You can oder the book through their website here.  Read their write up and preview some of the artwork on their blog.  It would make an incredible coffee table book.

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