Thread Art: No Sewing Required

Thread installation by Gabriel Dawe. Image via Colossal.

Some incredible things are being done with thread.

Thread can be a mundane and extremely utilitarian material. When partnered with a needle, it becomes this powerful thing that hold the universe together, or at the very least, your modesty. In embroidery it gets to be an art medium, but this does not even begin to scratch the surface of what it can be.

These amazing artists embrace the fine, delicate, gossamer quality of thread and create masterpieces that feel light and almost vapor-like, almost transparent.

Eric Rieger, aka Hot Tea, treated threads like rays of sunshine when he created this installation.

Letting Go. Installation by Eric Rieger. Via Colossal.

Dominique Falla makes typography soft and touchable in her pieces.

Images from the artist's website

Gabriel Dawe‘s installations are sculptures of thread and air.

Plexus No. 8 by Gabriel Dawe. Image from the artist's website.

Kumi Yamashita is genius! These portraits she made with thread and nails are just so intricate and delicate.

Constellation - CY, by Kumi Yamashita. From the artist's website.

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