Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas – How-To

Present wrapped in paper and satin ribbon and embellished with some leaves

Has gift-wrapping become a lost art, usurped by the ubiquitous gift bag? I love wrapping presents – it’s perhaps the only crafty thing I can do well (beyond knitting a great scarf). A beautifully wrapped package elevates gift exchanges. Here are some tried and true techniques for package-prettifying, some of which are super simple; others worth the investment of time, especially when accompanied by a spiked eggnog and a lit tree in the background.

Reuse and Recycle

There are some exquisite wrapping papers out there, but if you’re mindful of the environmental impact, there’s a lot you can do with materials around your home. Whether it’s salvaged gift wrap from presents of yore, an old map, wallpaper samples or remnants… Even newsprint can make beautiful packaging. Just get creative and don’t forget to embellish for some added drama.

Present wrapped in newspaper and decorated with a bloom made of newspaper and twisted up coffee stirrers

This image is from countryliving.com. For more of their creative gift wrap ideas, click here.

Let the Wrapping be an Extension of the Gift

Bringing some edibles as a hostess gift? Why not wrap these up in a festive tea towel for an extra gift?

Or try your hand at this traditional fabric folding technique (practiced since about 710AD). Furoshiki is traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used as wrap for just about any shaped object through a set of folds and knots (bottles, boxes, cards clothing – you name it). Furoshiki cloths are just stunning. But I’m sure you could make do with extra fabric you have at home, or that scarf that’s part of the gift.

Present wrapped  in fabric, furushiki style

For folding directions, click here.

Creative Gift Toppers

In lieu of a bow, your gift topper could include a cookie cutter, tree ornament, a little bit of the outdoors, or, as I did with my nephew, create a starburst out of multiple packs of Lego mystery guys. He will prefer this to a sticky bow I’m sure.

Orange slices and dried grass as gift toppers

Photo credit: HGTV.com. This simple package is made striking with the addition of some dried fruit.

For more of HGTV’s gift topper ideas click here.

Personalized Ribbon

This personalized ribbon from the crafts department at marthastewart.com is so fun! The picture below is NotMartha.orgs beautiful execution of the technique. See it’s totally doable by those outside Omnimedia’s employ!

DIY cutout letters to spell the recipient's name

Gift Tags

I’ve seen no sweeter an idea than Sweet Paul’s. His step-by-step guide to creating the most beautiful personalized photo gift tags are sure to delight your recipient! A little gift in and of itself.

Tags made of old photos

Sweet Paul’s gift tags. Photo by Hector Sanchez.

Happy wrapping!

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  1. Pat Millar says:

    Wow there are some resourceful people in this world!

  2. Midori Tanaka says:

    There really are! Resourceful and patient with a beautiful eye!

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