Valentines: A Return to Innocence

“The truth is, there’s gonna be other girls out there. I mean, I hope. But I’m never gonna get another first love. That one is always gonna be her.” –from Little Manhattan (2006)

Though a lot of us may laugh flippantly at our younger selves in the throes of puppy love, psychologist Nancy Kalish says that it’s serious and real–first love is real love. In an article about teenage love in Psychology Today, she even writes that it is a crucial moment in a person’s life, because it is then that life-long attitudes about love and self are formed.

We may have become ever-so-slightly-jaded, we may have lost our naivete, but in our gut we know this is true. We do recall the time when hand-holding was huge, and hearts really did go pitter-patter, and butterflies took permanent residence in the belly. There was giddy, intoxicating joy, alternating with beautiful, searing pain, just from the merest glance. It’s the whole world balanced on the head of this one particular pin. All very magical, but all very real. Very special.

The Lovers by Pablo Picasso

The Lovers by Picasso (image from There’s a freshness and artlessness about the romance here. See how gently and tenderly he holds her, and how shyly she puts her hand in his?

This Valentine’s, why not pay homage to your innocent, unrestrainedly enthusiastic self? Skip that supermarket greeting card rack and relive how painstakingly you crafted and glued the embellishments on that paper Valentine heart all those years ago. You can, again, carefully and deliberately inscribe on it your humble poetry, and present your creation nervously to the object of your affection.

Yes, having laid out your heart and your meager talents, you will feel scared and vulnerable. That’s part of the beauty of the experience. Perhaps this vulnerability will be the key to the most positive reception of your tribute.

Here are some simple yet potentially heart-melting ideas from Craft Bits to get you started.

Here’s a Valentine card I made myself, using one of the tips in the link above. Now, who to give this to?

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