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I’m a firm believer that the presentation of a gift makes what’s inside that much more special. Whether it’s taking some extra time to personalize the wrapping paper itself or including a homemade card, it lets the recipient know you care. Looking online I’ve found a wealth of gift wrapping inspiration I’d like to share with you, and I also thought it would be a great time to play a game I like to call ‘wrap to room’.

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Eclectic Presents

Go to town mixing patterns, shapes and different kinds of paper and materials for a whimsical feeling. This trio of presents is so happy looking, and I imagine a whole collection of these uniquely wrapped gifts would be beautiful under the tree.

image via the boo and the boy

Eclectic Room

Here, patterns and textures have been combined for the same whimsical effect. Lining shelves in patterned paper is a great way to add visual interest to a wall. This style works especially well in kids rooms and living rooms.

bobalog gift tags and wrap via papercrave

Red, White and Mod Gifts

The online seller bobalog creates this fabulously festive wrapping paper and hand stamped gift tags. Red is instantly evocative of the holidays, and paired with white and geometric shapes also appears clean and modern.

image via bhg

Red, White and Mod Room

This holiday mantle display shows how a bright red pops against an all white wall and fireplace. Geometric christmas trees, graphic pillows and a pompom garland are festive without being too cutesy.

image via odessa may society

Au Natural Wrapping

I love the effect of the delicate white pen drawing on kraft paper. If you have some drawing talent this is a beautiful way to dress up plain paper. It reminds me of snow on wood.  Tie with a simple colourful twine and you are ready to give.

image via Veronica loves Archie

Au Natural Room

Pairing white elements with light coloured wood creates a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. This sunroom is so peaceful. I especially like the wraparound benches that give plenty of spots to savour the view.

image via you are my fave

Watercolour Giftwrap

How pretty is this watercolour wrapping paper? This could be a fantastic DIY that even the kids could get involved in. The yarn bow is also a pretty and easy way to adorn your gifts, but hand-dyed ribbon would be even lovelier, I think.

image via little miss homes

Watercolour Room

It’s hard to make sure pastels stay modern and don’t look like like they should be in a nursery. The way this dining room used both bright and more subtle shades together with white is very evocative of a watercolour painting.

That concludes our game of ‘wrap to room’. Hope you’ve found some wrapping or decorating inspiration, or perhaps a little bit of both.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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