A Gem of a Year: Pantone Picks Emerald for 2013

It’s official. According to the style gurus at Pantone, Emerald Green should be the colour we all crave in the New Year.

Image: Times Online

I must admit, I’m not entirely convinced. Last year I wrote about the lauded 2012 hue, Tangerine Tango, which I adore. But I tend to be attracted to warm colours. While I like greens, I have avoided them in my home décor.

Image: Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry

I find Emerald to be particularly difficult, because the only thing it reminds me of besides the actual gems (which are lovely, but I can’t afford them) are wild St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (a day upon which fashion is the last thing on anyone’s mind). Thankfully, Pantone’s hue has a little blue to it, so it’s not so in-your-face.

Image: Brunch at Saks

I must admit, it pairs well with bold patterns, the whole becoming more elegant than the sum of its parts.  And, when coupled with pink, it provides a preppy punch to a bedroom.

Image: Doug & Gene Meyer via Nok Hoo Hoozits

As part of a jewel-tone palette, Emerald can be overwhelmingly luxurious. This is the kind of room that I could hibernate in all winter.

Image: Splendid Sass

But I think it is most sophisticated when matched with a pale charcoal grey. You could style this combination to match either a traditional or contemporary home.

Image: Lamps Plus

However, if you are like me and an entirely Emerald room is too much, choosing a few well-chosen accessories will keep you current without breaking the bank.

Image: Capel Rugs

Lamps, throw rugs, pillows, and linens are all great options. It’s not the easiest colour to find right now but my guess is that it will be everywhere in a few months. For example, JC Penny has announced that a Pantone-inspired bedding collection will be released in February, 2013.

Image: Little Green Notebook

If you really want to adopt the gem-like colour, look for lush accent pieces made from the semi-precious stone malachite.

Image: Q Weddings

But if your budget is limited, pick up some Emerald Green vases, which can look as chic as the real thing.

Image: Cocoonwonen.nl on Pinterest

So, does Pantone’s choice leave you green with envy or green around the gills? Will you be adding this colour to your world in 2013?

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