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Patrick Jouin via Curbly

If you’re planning on a renovation to update your home, staircases are a great place to pull out your architecture A-game. There are many different styles to experiment with, and the style you pick should suit your sense of form as well as your practical needs.  Here are a few staircases that are inspiring and stylish.

The staircase above was designed by Patrick Jouin.  Each molded step is reminiscent of a vertebrae, and together they form an elegantly curved spinal column, proving that a staircase doesn’t need to be just about getting from point A to point B, especially when it’s this gorgeous.

La Roche House via design milk

A staircase can be a piece of artwork in your home. The suspended staircase above combines seemingly haphazard metal bars and simple wooden steps, creating a sculptural piece that is stunning enough to be the focal point for an entire room.

Here’s another suspended staircase that achieves a different effect. Cut-out bubbles make this loft staircase by Éva Katona, Péter Szigeti & Bijana Jovanovic playful and modern.  If you’re interested in seeing some tips on living in an open concept space with little kids, I recommend heading over to archdaily and checking out the rest of the pictures of this fantastic loft.

If you have a traditional staircase in need of some perking up try thinking beyond the basic runner. Painting your stairs a vibrant colour or with an intriguing design can add some visual interest. I can only imagine it must have taken ages to complete these Morrocan themed stairs pictured above, but the finished product is so worth it. I’ve also seen a similar technique using sequential words or numbers, which could be a fun addition to a family home.

I’m calling this look farmhouse chic. The pale blue stairs, white and wood all create a feeling of tranquility. I think I need to put a basket at the bottom of the stairs in my home, as this homeowner has done. What a great way to cut down on the number of up and down trips.

Anna Noguera via mocoloco

These stairs by Barcelona architect Anna Noguera are beautiful and serene. I like how the multiple flights seem to mirror one another. Warmth, texture and clean lines are in perfect harmony here.

Chiswick Woodworking

These slide out storage cabinets under the stairs have to be the most ingenious thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. In many houses the main staircase eats up way too much space; this cabinetry/stair combo is a great solution, and it definitely beats the usual under-the-stairs crawlspace in terms of  functionality.
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