Amazing DIY Before and Afters

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It may be the result of watching too many eighties teen movies but there is something I just can’t resist about an impressive makeover transformation. That’s why I love seeing amazing DIY furniture redesign and home renovation projects. I’ve had my own share of DIY disasters, usually involving the injudicious use of a staple gun, but I’m sure you will agree these before & afters are do-it-yourself projects done right.

On the Map

First  up is this old dresser that Kirstin from Domestic Ease wanted to spruce up. With a coat of paint and a few vintage maps she transformed an ordinary piece of furniture into a wonderful showpiece.

Photo by Kristin Campbell via Freshome

I always love seeing vintage maps used for decoration in a home, but this application is beautifully executed. She did a fantastic job and I love how the white paint job softens the colours of the maps. I’ve seen similar decoupage methods used and they definitely run the risk of looking too homemade, but this makeover is perfectly polished.

Colourful Stairs

Tess from Cozy Little Cave is one talented lady and I love checking out her blog to see how her home redesign projects are going. Her attic staircase transformation below is a perfect reminder that you can keep things thrifty, fun and inventive when tackling home projects.

What a fantastic use of paint chips! Here’s another picture of Tess’ colourful stairs for your enjoyment.

Grandma to Glam

Next up is this average looking chair with dated upholstery that most of us wouldn’t give a second glance, but look what Janis of Navy Bean was able to create by adding a fresh coat of paint and some well chosen upholstery fabric.

Photos by Janis Snell via Design Sponge

Gorgeous right? Upholstery is one of those skills that I really want to learn and I am in awe of people who can do it well. The soft lines of this chair are really played up by that modern floral print.

The Nicest Garage You’ve Ever Seen

Last but not least is this spectacular garage redesign by French architects FABRE/deMARIEN. What started as a spacious but dreary garage was transformed into a  441 square foot highly efficient dream home. There is a whole series of photos on the FABRE/de MARIEN website that document the process.

FABRE/deMARIEN found via Curbly

Would you consider moving into your garage if it looked like this? I know I sure wouldn’t be embarrassed to call this one my home.

Not sure if I’m ready to tackle a DIY project of this magnitude, but I do have a desk in serious need of makeover. These transformations have definitely given me some much needed inspiration and hopefully they’ve done the same for you.

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