Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The mercury dipped drastically last week, forcing me into a full-on retreat indoors.

Image: Shelter

I used to love skiing, skating, and other winter sports but as I get older and my bones get a little creakier, I find myself hibernating in the colder months.

Image: The Drake Hotel via Facebook

But I am intrigued by the recent trend of creating outdoor rooms to be used in the coldest of months. The Drake Hotel in Toronto has transformed their rooftop bar into a camp, complete with a fire pit, tented seating areas, and very necessary heat lamps.

Image: Back of House (Morgans Hotel Group)

The Hudson Hotel in New York City has gone a slightly cozier route by adding an indoor/outdoor ski lodge-themed bar. While it has a glass roof to keep guests warmer, fake snow falls periodically each night to keep guests in a wintery vibe. I’m headed to the Big Apple in February and if it’s still freezing, this place is definitely on my to-do list.

Image: Mountain Living

But until then, there are lots of little touches to give a home a wintery mix. I love this birch bark bed frame and think it would look awesome any time of the year.

Image: Curated

Several designers have been inspired by winter activities. This bench, designed by Damien Bihr for Helium Concept, was part of a children’s line but would also work well  in a foyer.

Image: Inhabitat

Swiss-born designer Adrian Rovero takes this concept one step further, repurposing actual ski gondolas into incredible rocking chairs as part of a project by Mountain Climbers, a group dedicated to benefiting charities through the sale of sustainably-designed items.

Image: Red via HandMaid Liset

As much as I like the idea of bringing the outdoors in this time of year, I also enjoy the idea of warming up my décor. What could be better than a cable-knit cover for a chair or couch? I could see myself curled up for hours in this.

Image: The Cavender Diary

And what warm-blooded Canadian doesn’t associate the iconic Hudson Bay blanket in these frosty months? The striped motif goes especially well with the Mid-Century Modern furniture displayed above but many variations, including cushions for the commitment-phobe, are possible.

No matter how much you love (or hate) this winter weather, there are lots of options for embracing the season in home furnishings! 

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