Backyard Hideaways

OUtdoor hideaway in glassvia Anthology Mag

Who needs a place for tools and a lawnmower, wouldn’t you rather have a summer sleeping cottage with a pretty view? The luxurious building above was originally a prefab greenhouse that was modified with solar panels and wood floors to make it a backyard retreat and guest residence.

This is not the only example of homeowners and designers rethinking how outdoor spaces and outdoor structures can be used for a variety of purposes: like relaxing, working, sleeping and even bathing.

An office pod Office Pod via demilked

For people who work at home and are short on office space a backyard office like this one could be ideal. The best thing about this is the reduced commute time to and from the office. The size of this particular model is a miniscule 2.1m x2.1m, meaning that in most areas you won’t even need a permit to build one.

The Office Pod's interiorimage via demilked

Here’s a pic of the interior of the office pod so you can get a sense of its ingenious design.

A party room

Having a dedicated place to hold parties and get-togethers would be such an amazing thing. Love the mix of bright colours and vintage pieces in this inviting and cheerful space. For someone who does a lot of entertaining this would be a dream.

A Playhouse in the Gardenbackyard playhouse from natalme

This gardenside playhouse looks like fun for the kids, and would be a welcome edition to the backyard for modern-design-loving parents. It’s the details like the bench, planter and moon shaped window that give this structure its personality.

The Retreat Shedvia vignette design

This shed-turned-relaxing-backyard-retreat reminds me of one of those tiny churches you find in the American south. If I had this shed in my backyard it would be my designated place for reading and drinking tea in the mornings.

A bathhouse in the gardenimage via sunset

Finally, how would you like an outdoor room for seasonal bathing? This shed came into being because the homeowners wanted to compensate for their too-small master bath. Instead of renovating inside the house they decided to repurpose an old shed on their property, turning it into a charming outdoor bathhouse.

a peak inside the bathhouse

Here’s a picture of the inside. It does not feel like an outdoor space at all, and that antique tub leaves me speechless. It would be like having your own private spa right outside your door.

Would you consider creating an outdoor living space? What would your dream backyard hideaway be?

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