Bedroom Lighting: Mounted and Hung

Cloud Hanging Lamp. Image via Hive.

The bedroom is a our last bastion of solace. It is the intimate space where we let down our guard and make ourselves vulnerable. Lighting choices can certainly contribute to making it a space of peace, security, and bliss.

Inasmuch as we would like to have those those utterly fabulous floor lamps, a lot of bedrooms don’t really have room for them. There are many, many lovely table lamps too, but they can take quite a bit of space too on the side tables.

So we look to the higher places in the bedroom to ensconce some luminous beauties. Letting the light sources emanate from ceilings or walls are best for spaces of less breadth.

Hanging Lights

What I love most about these lights is that they’re like floating lucent sculptures, with their awesome shapes and curves.

Fandango lamp by Danny Fang

Fandango hanging lamp by Danny Fang. Image from Hive.

Varmluft lamp by Ikea

Image via Decoholic

Image via HGTV

Image via HGTV

Via Plan Forward

Wall-Mounted Lights

These can potentially serve as wall art in themselves. And the light they radiate usually paints gorgeous textures on an otherwise bare wall.

Wall-mounted lights by Giles Godwin-Brown. Image via Interior Design Photos.

By Giles Godwin-Brown. Image via Interior Design Photos.

Kite Wall Lamp. Image via Dornob.

Wall lamp by Olivia D'Aboville. Image via Hive.

Image via Decoholic

Image via Hahoy

Double-duty Lights

It’s wonderful how lighting can be integrated into furniture, such as these Night Light Tables.

Image via Design Milk.

These lights would surely let your place of slumber draw out all those positive feelings, so that you emerge from it refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the demands of the world outside.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I love those playful wall-mounted lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown!

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