Black Out

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Black walls have typically been reserved for the bedrooms of moody teenagers, but now they are popping up in home mags and online. Sure, it might be a nightmare to paint over, but decorating is about taking risks. Painting walls or flooring a glossy black can be instantaneously glamorous, and calls to mind lacquerware and gothic mysteriousness.

The real question is how to make a black room look sleek and sexy, and not like you live in the Adam’s Family mansion. Try experimenting with gloss, and adding brightly coloured accessories, or white furnishings for contrast. Touches of luxe gold or silver can also brighten up black walls, as seen in the above photo.

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Less than perfect wood floors can get a facelift with a coat of black paint.  Refinishing wood floors is a time consuming and messy process, but a weekend worth of painting (with an extra durable finish of course) and you have brand new floors.

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There’s an old design rule that says that painting a small room a dark colour will only make it even smaller, but rules are made to be broken. This drop-dead gorgeous bathroom that appeared in Lonny is high-style and dramatic. The rusty orange towels, fabulous green urn, and sepia-toned photos on the wall make this room inviting rather than claustrophobic.

Dressing Room House and Home

This black dressing room is rich looking, sexy and glamorous, like the slinkiest little black dress. Polished silver hardware, and a crystal chandelier add some sparkle, and keep this room from appearing dreary.

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If you’re not ready to commit to an all black room, you could also try painting just a couple accent walls. The effect is still dramatic, but much easier to live with, and easier to paint over if you get tired of it. The black, white and wood colour scheme in this apartment is chic, and not at all doom and gloom.

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Another option is to paint the ceiling black as the owner’s of this elegant dining room have done. Love the look, and I’m wondering what other spaces this technique could work in. A bedroom with a black ceiling could be phenomenal.

Have I convinced you to make your way over to the dark Side? Maybe Mick and the boys can seal the deal.

Paint it Black

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