Bookcase Bonanza

Are you, like me, in a constant battle to control clutter? As I complete my spring cleaning, I am reminded of the old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” and have come to the realization that I need more storage space.

(Photo: Style at Home via Centsational Girl)

Since I don’t have a home office, my bookshelves double as filing cabinets. I use magazine files to hold important paperwork as well as past issues of my favourite periodicals, while baskets contain miscellaneous items that I don’t necessarily want guests to see. Book organization is a matter of personal taste; designers often advocate grouping by colour but I like to arrange them by theme and then by alphabetically by author so that I can always find what I am looking for quickly.

(Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere)

I like my bookcases to be more than repositories for books and use them to reflect my interests by displaying personal treasures. The trick is to keep these items to a minimum and scatter them amongst the shelves to create visual appeal.  Cupcakes and Cashmere offers some excellent tips on how to do this without going overboard.

(Photo: Greentea Design)

If you are worried about breakables around children or pets, consider shelving units with glass doors, which also help to keep dust off your shelves. Green Tea Design’s glass bookcase features pocket doors for easy access.

(Photo: Fab)

When space is limited, built-in shelves can be used  in otherwise unused spaces, such as under the stairs.

Stella Blue Designs Pipe Shelves(Photo: Swag So Fresh)

To create even greater visual interest, consider different shapes and materials. Stella Blue Designs pipe shelves are wonderfully sculptural whether empty or full and are configured to fit in tight spaces.

Roberto Corazza Tree Bookshelf(Photo:  Yanko Design)

Roberto Corazza’s tree bookcase offers a whimsical way to display your collection and can be placed against a wall or stand on its own. I think it would look great in a child’s room; after all, it’s never too early to teach youngsters how to stay organized.

Bold, colourful modular storage from Muvom(Photo: Archiproducts)

Colour doesn’t just have to come from what sits on the shelves. Muvom offers modular bookcases in vibrant hues. If you want to brighten up ones you already own, paint or wallpaper the back panels for a pop of colour or the whole piece to either stand out from or blend in with your decor.

(Photo: Real Simple)

With the increased popularity of e-readers, people may be buying fewer books but bookcases will always be my go-to storage solution.

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