Climate Control

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What’s the weather like?

This time of year we tend to really engage in conversations about the weather, because it increasingly encroaches on our lives. We become more concerned about precipitation and temperature as these dictate more and more our leisure activities, our outfits, and even time (haven’t clocks just been readjusted in some parts of the world?).

However since we just can’t help but want to exercise some measure of control over our surroundings, we like to engage in “climate control” — a misnomer, for sure, as we can’t really control climate nor weather, but we use the term because we like to think we can. Heaters become cherished friends for many, except for those of us who live near the equator, in which case air conditioners are our friends all year round.

And now with the sheer number of brands, models, and configurations of these appliances, we get to control how they look in our homes! No more do we have to put up with bulky unsightly contraptions ruining the look and feel of our rooms! There are some heaters and AC’s out there with great powers of efficiency and invisibility, and some that are really sleek, stylish, and meant to be seen.

Air Conditioners

Trox Technik's Smart Beam by Hadi Teherani

These beams are have a simple, streamlined look that can really look as if they “belong” in a room.

LG ArtCool Gallery

Who’d guess that this is an airconditioner? This unit by LG allows you to display your favorite print, family photo, or kiddie drawing.


Dyson heater fan

“Look Ma! No blades!” By some marvel of science and technology, this space age-y fan gadget circulates warm air without the rotating blades.

Adax Syklus' Huggable Heater. Image via Unpluggd

Image via Unpluggd

Love the concept of a heater that you can actually cozy up to! Adax Syklus’ Huggable Heater is genius!

Hot Radiator by Tomasso Colia

It’s getting a little H-O-T! These radiators by Tomasso Colia are just so quirky and fun.

Sofono 1960's heaters. Image by Stephan Welz & Co. Auctioneers.

Get a little retro kick out of these 60′s heaters.

Canoon green heater by Younes Duret. Image via Yanko Design.

Heat some pillows with this dainty Moroccan-inspired heater. It’s made of recycled plastic and can be adjusted with a touch of a hand.

Wood by iRadium. Image via Digs Digs.

When did radiators get so sculptural? This one by iRadium is awesome and makes such a gorgeous wall adornment.

Shanghai by Sirocco. Image via Digs Digs

Another gorgeous radiator cum wall art by Sirocco.


Nest, the learning thermostat

With the launch of Nest some weeks ago, we have been opened to the possibility of a climate control gadget that is sleek and sexy, and which learns our preferences and patterns, thus minimizing the need for actual handling.

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