Colour Trends For Fall

Colours for Fall from Pantoneimage via Pantone

For many, the coming of fall is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. If you’ve been putting off a big home makeover now might be the time to put those plans into action.  Pantone has just released its fall colour report for fall, and although there aren’t many surprises in the collection the colours look perfect for the season and will easily transition into home decor.  Here are a few of our favourite  colour trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

French Roast, Pantone 19-1012Pantone 19-1012

French Roast

A rich coffee brown that is warm and luxurious when paired with other deep colours. For a  more modern feel mix it with bright colours like fiery orange or white.

French Roast Dining Room via BHGimage via bhg

How to use it:

On the walls in the dining room, or in a hallway for a decadent atmosphere. The richness of this colour will be intensified under the right lights, so sconces and chandeliers with a warm glow are great options if you are planning on changing up your lighting.

Rose Smoke Pantone 14-1506Pantone 14-1506 TCX

Rose Smoke

Pink has been on trend for awhile now but the newest shade is a mere whisper of pink that borders on grey and beige. Feminine without being too girly, this colour can be used in a broad range of decor styles.

Rose Smoke accents in a living roomimage via apartment therapy

How to use it:

The bathroom and bedroom are the expected places to find this colour, but you can also try experimenting with it using textiles and accents throughout your home.

Bright Chartreuse Pantone 14-0445pantone 14-0445

Bright Chartreuse

A chartreuse that is almost electric is an exciting way to liven up a room. This is the colour to add if you want to update an existing space without spending too much time and money.

Bright Chartreuse Door via Elements of Stylevia elements of style

How to use it:

If you’re feeling bold you can use it as a paint colour in just about any room, but as a safer alternative it will be easy to incorporate via accents and textiles. This bright chartreuse door is a great example of how powerful this colour can be when used in the right way.

Olympian Blue Pantone 19-4056Pantone 19-4056

Olympian Blue

For those still suffering from Olympic withdrawal there is even a colour for you in the forecast; Olympian blue is sporty and fresh, not too dark and not too bright.

Olympian Blue bedroom accents via Lennoxximage via the Lennoxx

How to use it:

In the bedroom this easy to live with colour looks great mixed with different shades of blue, and paired with white to keep it from getting too dark or moody. I think this would also be a great colour for a bathroom or kids room.

Titanium, Pantone 17-4014Pantone 17-4014


Titanium is the perfect neutral to pair with any of Pantone’s fall colours. It’s a modern metallic that is a touch on the sombre side, so try punching it up with brights.

Titanium coloured wall and furniture via Desire to Inspireimage via desire to inspire

How to use it:

On living room walls, or in the bathroom combined with white cabinetry. Although this look might be a little too much grey for most people to live with I love the effect stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy has achieved by layering the shade in this room. So dramatic.

For more info on all of Pantone’s picks you can go here. I find the whole colour forecasting thing to be fascinating, and it’s always amazing to see how quickly these colour start popping up in magazines and stores.

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