Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Home office with a framed map as accent

via Living Etc.

This year instead of coming up with a list of resolutions, inevitably abandoned by February, I’ve decided to take the word of the year approach. Basically, you pick one word that will represent how you want to live your life in the coming year. My word is going to be productivity, which for me is just a fancy way of saying “do stuff”. While I always have a million projects floating around in my head I far too often find my free time spent watching youtube videos or scrambling around the office looking for the scraps of paper I wrote all my brilliant ideas on. To start things off right I’m going to work at creating a more productive space, because tackling my out of control inbox and finally writing that Pulitzer winning novel will be much easier in a fabulous environment to keep me inspired. Creating a perfect home office is more then just finding the perfect desk (although that is imperative) It’s about combining beauty and function, and here are a few spaces that do just that.

Work area with a dressmaker's dummy for a pinboard

via Architect Lines

A muted colour palette and subtle feminine details create a calming place to work. The dressmaker’s dummy is a clever take on the inspiration board.

Framed painting hanging in a home office

via Living Etc.

Bold art and modern elegance give a small office plenty of personality.

Work desk with shelves of labeled boxes

via Poppytalk

Vintage mailboxes are an amazing and practical approach to storage.

Workspace with white walls and colored furniture

via Desire to Inspire

This office is so bright and cheerful. I love all the greenery and the yellow mirror above the desk.

Chalkboard and shelves with labeled boxes

via ApartmentTherapy

Lots of sunlight and maximized storage space keep this home office clean and clutter free.

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