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We’ve got a new iPad.  The toddler seems to use it most, but yeah we think it’s pretty cool too.  Just having internet access virtually anywhere rocks if you work remotely.  Especially so if you work part time and have a little one.   It means a lot to me as a mum to make a park run during the day; and it means a lot as a worker to do so without interfering with other team members’ workflow.  And given that I spend so much time piling over design related stuff, the iPad and iPhone are especially great because of the apps on offer.  Here are a few favourites if you’re into design (and if you haven’t joined the cult of Apple, some of these have websites or web applications too, all linked to below as applicable).

Cool Hunting, Free is a great site if you’re looking for inspiration and innovation and now they’ve got a free app updated daily with the latest design, technology, style and culture news as well as mini-documentaries.  This one’s a fun go-to on public transit for sure.

Phaidon Design Classics for iPad, $19.99

I will always love books.   Of all my possessions, it’s my library that’s my most precious. Reading a book a sense feast for me: I love the smell of a book, its heft and the feel of turning paper pages, the satisfying pppft sound it makes when you close one upon its end, so I just can’t my head around ebooks.  That said, Phaidon, the visual art book gurus, have released a pretty remarkable iPad app. It covers 200 years of product design in encyclopaedic detail and includes stunning 3D renders and illustrations.  Years in the making, every expert was consulted from architects, curators, historians, and product manufacturers to create this fun and beautiful app.

Architecture Pocket Guide, $3.99

Okay this one’s for the iPhone/iPod, but it is cool if you love architecture and are lucky enough to travel.  GPS-enabled, it gives you the location – with directions – to a city’s greatest buildings as well as background information on its significance and the team who conceived it.  The app designers are so sure you’ll love it, they give you a three day free trial.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas, Free

This app, like its parent site, lets you browse the largest database of home design ideas found in one place.  You can save images to your own idea book and even find local interior designers, architects and contractors and browse their portfolios if you’re looking to renovate.  Certainly worthwhile if you’re looking for home decor and design ideas.

Pinterest, Free

Thanks to Mandy for turning me on to Pinterest, the social media online application that allows you to pin anything that catches your fancy from home design, to products, from causes to memorable meals.  You can browse other’s finds too – friends and strangers – for some unexpected inspiration.  It’s really delightful to virtually wander around gazing at beautiful images and now you can take Pinterest with you with the iPhone and iPad app.  Cool!

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